Gossey Lane Junior Infant and Nursery School

Gossey Lane - Junior, Infants & Nursery School

Gossey Lane Academy

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According to our children...

  • Amazing! It's special - everyone has their own talents in Maths and English. (Abdel, Year 6)
  • The teachers help me! It's a good school, no one gets bullied and the teachers are nice. (Millie, Year 6)
  • I think it's a really good school because it makes me learn lots of stuff and I'm getting better at Maths now. (Oliver, Year 5)
  • It's good because the teachers are very nice and I have very good friends. (Kayleigh, Year 5)
  • School's lovely! (Charlie, Year 4)
  • The school staff are lovely. (Chloe, Year 4)
  • I am excited about our new library, which is going to open soon. (Lily, Year 3)
  • I think school is very fun because I love playtimes as I get to play with my friends. I think English is the best subject because sometimes we get to do some stories. (Maisie, Year 3)