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Gossey Lane Academy

RECENT EVENTS in Manchester

If you would like any advice on how to talk to your child following the recent events in Manchester, please go to the Safeguarding section of our website under the 'About Us' heading.

According to our children...

  • Amazing! It's special - everyone has their own talents in Maths and English. (Abdel, Year 6)
  • The teachers help me! It's a good school, no one gets bullied and the teachers are nice. (Millie, Year 6)
  • I think it's a really good school because it makes me learn lots of stuff and I'm getting better at Maths now. (Oliver, Year 5)
  • It's good because the teachers are very nice and I have very good friends. (Kayleigh, Year 5)
  • School's lovely! (Charlie, Year 4)
  • The school staff are lovely. (Chloe, Year 4)
  • I am excited about our new library, which is going to open soon. (Lily, Year 3)
  • I think school is very fun because I love playtimes as I get to play with my friends. I think English is the best subject because sometimes we get to do some stories. (Maisie, Year 3)